Hey, my name is Norbert

I’m a digital content specialist, filmmaker and video editor based in the Netherlands working mainly in the fields of gastronomy and culture.

My work revolves around capturing the essence of a story, highlighting the individuals behind it. Coming from a background in broadcast journalism (RTL), I have a keen sense for human stories and the ability to convey them through compelling visuals. At the age of 24, I was honored with one of the most prestigious national junior awards in journalism.

With expertise in directing, filming, editing, as well as content production and online media management, I bring a comprehensive skill set to every project. In 2021, after my participation in the MasterChef TV show, I established my personal brand and YouTube channel, which garnered the attention of 191.2K people in just one week.

Feel free to reach out to me for more information or to discuss potential collaboration on your next project.

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New Chefs on the Block

concept, content, filmmaking, social

Establishing a prize together with Gaullt&Millau. New Chefs on the Block is a quarterly event based on my documentary movies recognising young talents in high-end gastronomy since 2019. #community #account management

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Food Reporter

art direction, branding, filmmaking, photography

Responsibility for end-to-end concept and content creation in the high-end food segment. Food Reporter is a B2B multimedia platform created for chefs, food experts and suppliers in The Netherlands. #e-commerce #content marketing

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Norbert in the kitchen

influencer marketing, content, social

Creating my personal brand and YouTube channel after participating in MasterChef tv show in Hungary in 2021. In parallel, international topics are available in English as Norbert in the Kitchen. #content #brand strategy

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Masterchefs portraits

journalism, filmmaking, video editing, photography

Since 2017 I’ve been travelling around Europe and filming three Michelin starred chefs. My portraits show the humans behind this tough profession. #content #film #photo

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Road movie in South-Africa

photography, video content creation

Creating a photo and videoreport about a study tour in South-Africa. As a “camjo” I’ve documented for a year the birth of a new restaurant called SAAM near Amsterdam. #content creation

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Food Reporter app & on-demand

concept creation, art direction

Establishing and designing (art direction and user experience) the Netflix style on-demand media channel and app (ios, google play) for FoodReporter. #digital branding

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Retail videos for FrieslandCampina


FrieslandCampina launched a new brand producing milk products for professional and home baristas. We created how-to videos for their B2B and B2C network. #retail

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ZO Schoon crowdfunding video

filmmaking, video editing, photography

Supporting sustanibility by directing and editing a crowdfunding video for a dutch company which developed plastic-less cleaning products. #retail

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The Dutch Seasons teaser video

concept, filmmaking, video editing

Creating a concept video for the former three Michelin starred restaurant, De Leest. It promotes modern dutch gastronomy worldwide. #teaser #voiceover

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