Norbert in the Kitchen

influencer marketing, content development

After participating in the Masterchef competition on RTL, I launched my YouTube channel fosucing on the Hungarian high-end gastronomy. In 2021 I was the first contestant who made a video series about the months-long preparation period in The Netherlands.

Since then I’m building my personal brand as a gastro journalist and working with brands. I created a communication strategy (Google, Meta), strong visual apperance and brandbook, and I’m developing different video formats too. Learning about influencer marketing but also the world of SEO, Meta and YouTube became a daily task in the last two years.

We also published several the episodes in English on FoodReporter called Norbert in the Kitchen to reach international public.

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Exclusive interview with a Michelin inspector (eng sub)

Michelin dinner in a salt cave in Transylvania (eng sub)

The secrets of Bocuse d’Or (eng sub)