Ordering a creative process or a film is not simple as buying a liter milk. But even if you think about a can of milk, there are also plenty of options. As a freelance creative, filmmaker and social media expert I made a generally applicable list to estimate the costs. 

Filmmaking (Camjo / one man crew)

half day filming (max 4 hours) - 400 EUR + VAT

full day filming (minimum 4, max 8 hours) - 600 EUR + VAT

editing / postproduction (daily rate) - 600 EUR + VAT
(max 5 minutes long edited move/day)

travel cost (from Rotterdam) 0,29 EUR / km 

Discussing the deadline, requirements and expectations are essential, it helps us to understand each other. Usually I make films alone as a camjo with my own equipments (included in the price). 

here are many factors that can change the final price (e.g. use of a second camera and cameraman, use of a licensed drone, special lighting needs, use of special music). Maximum 5 minutes long movie can be fully edited in a day, but it also depends on the brief. Usually I offer one round of changes after the first editing, extra corrections takes extra creative working hours.

Creative, concept, branding

creative work (mainly online) 60 EUR + VAT / hours

In any other cases, any special request can be arranged after we have discussed it.

Social media management

It depends of the expectations, I can easily make a package deal. 

What makes a project successful?

First of all, it's important to have good organisation and good communication between you and me. Without this, the risk of mistakes and the stress involved in filmmaking can be significantly increased, which can lead to an unsuccessful outcome. That is why you should take the time to discuss all the details with me.

I would like to work on the principle of ‘no surprises’, so my customers should know what to expect from the start of the job. In return, I ask to pay your bill on time. I usually issue invoices based on a 15-day payment deadline.

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we are morse
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Send me an email, or hit me a call and let’s work together!

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I only work with less than four clients at a time in order to center my focus on my clients. That being said, be sure to reach out to me sooner rather than later if you need your content relatively soon.