As a freelance creative, filmmaker and social media expert I made a generally applicable list to estimate the costs. 

Filmmaking (”camjo” / one man crew)

half day filming (max 4 hours) - 400 EUR + VAT

full day filming (minimum 4, max 8 hours) - 600 EUR + VAT

editing / postproduction (daily rate) - 600 EUR + VAT
(max 5 minutes long edited move/day)

travel cost (from Rotterdam) 0,31 EUR / km 

Usually, I take orders as a “camjo” with my own equipments (included in the price) and offer one round of changes after the first editing, extra corrections might take extra working hours.

Photography / photo journalism

half day photography (max 4 hours) - 400 EUR + VAT

full day photography (minimum 4, max 8 hours)  - 600 EUR + VAT

Reasonable amount of photo afterwork is included.

Creative, concept, branding

concept creation, branding suggestions, social media check-up 75 EUR + VAT / hours

Social media management

Check out my package deals.

These prices are only for information based on the estimated working hours and basic equipment. Depending on the project, we may need to hire extra assistants and equipments, which will affect the final amount.

Send me an email, or hit me a call and let’s work together!

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