The content creator makes content for digital media. It sounds easy, but it’s a complex profession; my focus and primary proficiency are documentary style photo & video content. The visualisation of your story helps to bring your message quickly to your potential customers, but it does matter what style you use!

I began my career as a broadcast journalist almost 20 years ago; then I became a filmmaker, creative director and social media expert. I learned how to tell stories in a way that connects with listeners on a personal level, and rather than use this skill for the general media. I decided to use it to help businesses and individuals who need help in telling their stories and engage their audience with a video.

Watch my documentary about a tiny restaurant in Amsterdam!

Commonplace, but the world is changing fast! Professional photo & video technology are more available than ever; everyone can be a videomaker or a photographer, but just a few people can find a real story.

I know what content is attractive to the viewer becouse a specific target group needs a particular context. Combining my contemporary visual taste, sensitivity for human and technical expertise help me to create individual projects.

Did you know? Over 91% of consumers prefer any form of advertising in story mode. People love stories so much, I knew it would be the best form of content for any marketing campaign, and so I made it my speciality. The video could be a short 90 seconds documentary style ad, or it could be an hour long documentary.

That being said, I can create visual content for as a camjo (one man crew):

︎ YouTube videos
︎ Facebook videos & ads

︎ Instagram REELS
︎ Full documentaries as a website content
︎ News items

Pretty much anything else you can dream up!

It’s the concept of storytelling that remains consistent throughout each and every type and length of project. In other words, your content doesn’t necessarily have to be a documentary, or even in the style, but it will have the same emotional triggers and formatting that makes the storytelling format so successful.

Let me show you one of my visual concepts here!

Check out my video portfolio on my YouTube channel or my corporate website! Visit my Instagram for my photo rolls and other demo visuals.

I only work with less than four clients at a time in order to center my focus on my clients. That being said, be sure to reach out to me sooner rather than later if you need your content relatively soon.

Note: I want to keep my client's secrets, so I use my personal brand showcasing on my website.

cover photo by Dan Cristian on Unsplash