Just like a published magazine helps a story reach thousands of people, you’ll need a digital marketing strategy to do the same with your story in the online media. If you have a small business or even you’re an ambitious person, you should find your voice on social media for your communication will be more successful.

Creating a digital marketing strategy is inevitable to take you to the next level of your marketing experience. If you have a business Instagram profile, you already do marketing, so let’s do it in a pro way. Your brand or even your personal brand should be coherent, consistent and also up-to-date. 

In Amsterdam, I found a Michelin starred restaurant which hasn’t updated their social media for two years! You must broadcast your main message regularly and in the same way on your website, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn!

My social media was a huge mess: I had different profile photos & covers. The texts were horrible. I found some broken links and a lot of incoherent posts, especially on Facebook & LinkedIn.

Furthermore, I couldn’t find my voice on Instagram or even TikTok. It was so frustrating because I felt my competitors did a good job. So I made a massive clean-up then I started to build something coherent together with my trusted network. It’s impressive to see where I am now; that’s why I want to help you!

I’ll analyze your website & social media (social media audit), set up potential goals and create a plan on how to communicate clearly and effectively.

If you feel the same what I did before, I’m ready to check your online presence, guide you trough the clean-up process and make a fresh concept for you. Sometimes only a little help needed, but we can also build a new brand from zero: creating a vision, name, slogan, design, etc. 

Enjoying the direct support of my graphics designer, web builder, copywriter & SEO expert friends is very grateful. If you’re ready, I’ll guide you through the realisation process.

If your communication is a mess, your potential customers are going to be confused about your product or service. It’s not just about graphic design and online look! It’s also about to convey the general message. You need a strong concept about how to communicate on your website or social media channels, then you can easily sell your skills or products and build trust in people.

What will you get?

︎ web & social media accounts analysis (audit)
︎ check-list what to delete, archive & re-write
︎ reviewed branding & identity concept
︎ basic social media strategy (Instagram, FB, LinkedIn) 
︎ mood board about the likely visuals
︎ complete action plan (to do list)

After I created your personalized digital marketing & social media strategy, I will be also ready to produce quality video, photo or graphic design content. Learn more about my visual content skills.
I’ll use ads and posts that don’t look like typical corporation jargon; they’ll be genuine messages that speak to your target customers and invite them to listen to what else you have to say!

I only work with less than four clients at a time in order to center my focus on my clients. That being said, be sure to reach out to me sooner rather than later if you need your content relatively soon.

Note: I want to keep my client's secrets, so I use my personal brand showcasing on my website.

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cover photo: Photo by Federica Galli on Unsplash